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Fall Yoga: Back to Basics

One of the amazing things about yoga is the way it gets you to move your body in ways that you don't normally do in your regular daily life. 

Humans are evolved to move our bodies in a multitude of ways; twisting, balancing, squatting, and crawling. Our bodies want to move. 

Unfortunately, human life has become more and more sedentary. 

This fall, our therapeutic yoga class series is dedicated to supporting the body in moving in all the fundamental ways that support healthy and fluid movement. 

Join us in remembering how good it feels to move our bodies. 

Master the Basics

Build Strength, Confidence, and Fluidity in Your Yoga Practice 

Being clear on why you are doing yoga and making sure you are attuned to that purpose when you practice is the first step in finding real meaning in the discipline.

When we observe most group yoga classes, we see a group of people trying to look like they are doing the same thing as everyone else in the class by creating and holding a pose. The truth is that the appearance of this external pose is insignificant in the true work of yoga.

The true work of yoga is to discover what is unique in our own bodies (and the rest of us) and to honor it. We must learn to be comfortable with making modifications that reflect our individuality rather than forcing our bodies to conform.

Learning how to modify yoga to align with your body and your goals is the most fundamental thing for creating a yoga practice that will support health and growth.

Anna Master, teacher of the class with natural background

This fall, at Potential Wellness Center, we explore the basic types of movements that make up a balanced yoga practice.

In each class, we will have the opportunity to forward bend, lateral bend, back bend, twist, strengthen the core, explore symmetry and asymmetry, invert, balance, and connect breath with intention and movement. 

Throughout the 11-week series, we will explore the biomechanics of these different types of movements and work through sequencing that will allow us to:

  • Improve our understanding of how to correctly do foundational yoga postures 
  • Learn to modify poses for safety
  • Move more deeply and easefully into poses 
  • Learn how to create our own balanced yoga sequences 
  • Understand the benefits of different yoga postures 
Join Us Now!

Live Individualized Support

Enjoy weekly live classes where you can get answers to all your questions and receive the modifications you need for your body. 

Learn from an Expereinced Teacher

Anna Master has been teaching movement for over 20 years. Her background in dance, martial arts, neuroscience and East Asian Medicine allow her to bring an exceptional depth of knowledge to her classes. 

Enjoy the Convenience of Learn on Demand Access

Watch weekly class recordings whenever you want and as many times as you want. 

Learn How to Safely Practice In Any Class

This class is designed to help students learn to move more safely and with stability so that they can confidently venture into a variety of yoga spaces. 

Two Classes in One

To support students in building the foundations of their practice, all students will also get access to the recordings of Potentials "Fun with Functional Yoga".

Bring a Friend for Free

Invite a friend who is new to the Potentials Wellness Society to join us and help build a community of health and wellness. 

All You Need to Know

Get Your Body Moving!

Join us for this unique class and get yourself ready to enjoy moving your body. 

And Feel That Flex

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Get Moving

Therapeutic yoga is a great way to support a healthy, active and dynamic lifestyle. 

I hope you will join us for this unique class. 


Come Move with Us