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Yoga has become endemic in the Western World. In the US alone yoga is a trillion-dollar industry.

Yoga is everywhere and the idea that people should be doing yoga for their health has permeated into the minds of most Americans.

Yet in our average group yoga class, the roots of the practice are rarely discussed. Also missing is the idea that each yoga practice needs some degree of individual adaptation because each person coming to yoga has a unique body with a unique history and brings to their practice unique goals and aspirations for why they are practicing yoga.

Master the Basics

Build Strength, Confidence, and Fluidity in Your Yoga Practice 

Being clear on why you are doing yoga and making sure you are attuned to that purpose when you practice is the first step in finding real meaning in the discipline.

When we observe most group yoga classes, we see a group of people trying to look like they are doing the same thing as everyone else in the class by creating and holding a pose. The truth is that the appearance of this external pose is insignificant in the true work of yoga.

The true work of yoga is to discover what is unique in our own bodies (and the rest of us) and to honor it. We must learn to be comfortable with making modifications that reflect our individuality rather than forcing our bodies to conform.

Learning how to modify yoga to align with your body and your goals is the most fundamental thing for creating a yoga practice that will support health and growth.

Anna Master, teacher of the class with natural background

This summer, at Potential Wellness Center, come worship the sun and embrace the energy of summer as we venture into an exploration of the roots of yoga and explore the Sun Salutation as a foundation for a traditional Hatha yoga practice.

We will explore the physical and energetic underpinnings of the asanas that make up the sun salutation series and learn to modify these to suit our individual practices.

The Sun Salutation is a vinyasa (movement flowing with breath) that prepares the body for the day mentally, physically, and energetically. It can be practiced very gently or very vigorously depending upon your goals and limitations.

Other asanas (poses) can be incorporated into the flow as well making for a diverse and dynamic traditional practice.

This class aims to teach how traditional Hatha poses can be safely modified in practice. The ability to modify in this way will enable students to venture out into the vast world of yoga with confidence and with a solid foundation to help them honor themselves and connect to the practice and lineage of yoga itself.

Sun Lovers Welcome!

Live Individualized Support

Enjoy weekly live classes where you can get answers to all your questions and receive the modifications you need for your body. 

Learn from an Expereinced Teacher

Anna Master has been teaching movement for over 20 years. Her background in dance, martial arts, neuroscience and East Asian Medicine allow her to bring an exceptional depth of knowledge to her classes. 

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Watch weekly class recordings whenever you want and as many times as you want. 

Learn How to Safely Practice In Any Class

This class is designed to help students learn to move more safely and with stability so that they can confidently venture into a variety of yoga spaces. 

Two Classes in One

To support students in building the foundations of their practice, all students will also get access to the recordings of Potentials "Fun with Functional Yoga".

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Invite a friend who is new to the Potentials Wellness Society to join us and help build a community of health and wellness. 

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Therapeutic yoga is a great way to support a healthy, active and dynamic lifestyle. 

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